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Apple iPhone 12 Pro GSM/CDMA Unlocked 128GB A2341 "Gray" - Excellent

Apple iPhone 12 Pro GSM/CDMA Unlocked 128GB A2341 "Gray" - Excellent

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  • iPhone 12 Pro is in exceptional condition, with no scratches or dents on the exterior. This iPhone has been meticulously maintained and is free from any cosmetic imperfections that may hinder its appearance or functionality. Furthermore, the battery health of this iPhone 12 Pro Max is 86%, ensuring impressive battery performance and longevity. You can expect extended usage times without worrying about frequent recharging. This iPhone 12 Pro comes unlocked, allowing you to use it with any compatible network provider. The device has been thoroughly tested to ensure all features, including the camera, display, speakers, and buttons, are fully functional. It comes with original accessories, including a charger and an Apple box (if available). The pictures represent all the units we have from the same grade, please refer to the pictures for a better understanding of the condition.
    • Our experts meticulously check each item using advanced software to guarantee full operational performance
    • The battery has been verified to be in proper working order.

Fully Inspected

Like any technology-related company, iRenewTech is continuously evolving to meet its consumers’ needs. What started as a bricks & mortar retail operation seven years ago, supplying used and off-lease Apple® devices to a local market, has grown to become a multinational business selling Apple® hardware to countries as far as Albania, Ukraine and Egypt.

Every Apple device undergoes a rigorous 30+ point inspection to ensure operational functionality and is hand tested by our team to confirm it meets our internal iRenewTech RENEWED standards. The success of iRenewTech is not only driven by being in the right industry at the right time. The company is exceptionally fortunate to have attracted world-class technicians. iRenewTech expanding team of technicians not only shares the passion for everything Apple®, but they’ve also earned degrees in the fields of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science. To obtain iRenewTech-certification, employees must be a self-proclaimed Mac-head, possess the natural Geekiness that comes with the territory, and have an obsessive desire for providing customer satisfaction.

Are you a reseller? Interested in B2B pricing? Please contact us for details

Are you a reseller?

Interested in B2B pricing? Please contact us for details